Decoração com jeans II

Upcycling Denim:

Remote control holder from old blue jeans. Contains other craft ideas for recycling old items into new uses.:

Pet bed:

Ottoman and upcycle jeans cover tutorial, this would go with the raggy jeans quilt:

wall organizer from denim pockets.:

Studio Box Tutorial from denim scraps:

Now this is going to take A LOT of denim! lol. Though this does king of inspire me in regards to fabrics to recover my couch with.:
Pallet couch on wheels with denim pillows.:
DIY Recycled Pallet and Denim Lounge Chair | 99 Pallets:
Jeans & Denim: Recycled, Upcycled and Repurposed #diy #crafts how cute this would go great in my bedroom to go with the jean quilt I am going to make:

Denim and flannel:


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